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Fixed-price diagnosis for 89.99€*

An excerpt from our work

Repair of some Bosch Classic distributors at Radspieler

Have your ignition distributor checked now

Pack, send in and receive a test report at a fixed price.

Scope of the fixed-price diagnosis:

  • Optical inspection
  • Checking the distributor cap and the distributor rotor
  • Axial and radial play of the distributor shaft
  • Test bench run in accordance with OEM test specifications up to 8,000 rpm
  • Closing angle (air gap for electrical distributors)
  • Ignition distributor primary resistance
  • Ignition timing adjustment Centrifugal force
  • Ignition timing adjustment vacuum (early & late)
  • Capacitor (capacitance, resistance)
  • Jetronic encoder (if available)
  • Optional: Ignition control unit, ignition cable, spark plugs (subject to surcharge)
  • Simple protocol (input measurement)

* incl. VAT. Price per distributor

TSZ-H / TSZ-I / HKZ examination

We also check ignition control units, ignition coils and spark plugs.
Simply tick the additional components to be tested in the ticket and send them in.

Jetronic pulse generator

Adjustment, testing and repair for Bosch Jetronic pulse generator in the ignition distributor.

Masterful: Original Made in Germany

The overhauled ignition distributor is tested on our ignition distributor test bench. Adjustments are made to the weights and/or springs of the centrifugal adjustment until it operates within the factory specifications. The ignition contacts are machined to ensure the correct closing angle in all load and speed ranges. The test results are recorded on an original test report and enclosed with the unit. The reconditioned distributor is supplied ready for installation and can be used immediately

Overview of the repair service portfolio:

  • Inventory incl. measurement on the test bench
  • Disassemble and inspect
  • High-temperature cleaning incl. ultrasonic treatment
  • Glass bead blasting of the housing, add-on parts
  • Painting/preservation of add-on parts and housing in original factory paint
    (e.g. Bosch cast distributor)
  • Treatment in a chemical bath
  • Testing and, if necessary, manufacturing of liners on conventional lathes and milling machines
  • Polishing the shafts and housing on a conventional lathe
  • Replacement of wearing parts
  • Assembly and test on the test bench up to 8,000 rpm
  • Adjustment work according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Final measurement incl. measurement report


    We also offer purely technical overhauls on request.

Frequently asked questions:

Bosch, Magneti Marelli, SEV, Scintilla, Mallory, Delco-Remy, Ford, Chrysler and many more. We do not offer repairs for Magnetos.

We offer an ignition distributor check at a fixed price and provide a cost estimate after the diagnosis. If you order a complete repair in-house, this service is completely free of charge for you. Otherwise, you will only be charged for the fixed-price diagnosis.

There is no general answer to this question. It depends on the condition of the distributor and the scope of the desired repair. Comprehensive overhauls can cost between €550* and €2,500*. Depending on rarity, effort and requirements. You will receive a cost estimate and can work with our team to find the best option for you. We also offer concours restorations on request.

* incl. VAT.

Due to existing license agreements, we are not permitted to pass on any map data. Please contact the seller or manufacturer of corresponding (retrofit) or original distributors.

Yes, we can test common control units, e.g. TSZ-H, TSZ-I or HKZ. Please contact us in advance for a test and to discuss your problem. You can also use the digital ticket system for ignition distributors.

A repair usually takes between 5-10 working days after approval by the customer (cost estimate). Depending on availability and capacity utilization.

Basically, the running-in is carried out on the test bench. However, if, for example, a new pinion is installed, it must be run in again with the camshaft and the appropriate lubricating paste must be used during installation. If you have any questions, please contact our master mechanic team.

We always use original parts, where possible also NOS (new old stock). Where spare parts are no longer available, we produce small batches of spare parts for your distributor ourselves that meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications. All our distributors meet the manufacturer's specifications (e.g. map) on acceptance.

Yes, we offer corresponding kits for purchase or are happy to install them during an overhaul.

We offer overhaul kits for popular distributors in our online store. It is important to note that the repair must be carried out by a specialist who has the appropriate machines (e.g. honing the new bearing bushes, ignition test bench). We are happy to offer you this service from a single source at our premises.

Yes, we offer map optimization of classic distributors on request. This makes sense when replacing a camshaft, for example.

Excellent: Top service

We rely on masterly craftsmanship, 100% Made in Germany. We manufacture spare parts on request in small series and use a repertoire of many original parts for ignition distributors from 1907 onwards. A digitized collection of old literature gives us the opportunity to retrieve all necessary manufacturer data at the touch of a button, e.g. distributor shaft adjustments.

Our brand portfolio:
Bosch, Magneti Marelli, SEV, Scintilla, Mallory, Delco-Remy, Ford, Chrysler and many more . |except magneto ignition

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