Radspieler Classic GmbH

Repairs by a specialist company

We overhaul ignition distributors directly at our Friedberg site in Bavaria.

We rely on customized handwork, 100% Made in Germany. We manufacture spare parts on request in small series and use a repertoire of many original parts for ignition distributors from 1907 onwards. A digitized collection of old literature gives us the opportunity to retrieve all necessary manufacturer data at the touch of a button, e.g. distributor shaft adjustments.

Comprehensive refurbishment

With attention to detail

The ignition distributor sent to us is completely dismantled, sandblasted and then cleaned and polished. Bushings, sliding surfaces and shims are checked and replaced if necessary so that the vertical and lateral play of the shaft is within the values required for proper operation and to prevent excessive wear. During assembly of the individual components, attention is paid to correct lubrication. Sealing parts are replaced and the capacitance of the capacitor is measured precisely and compared with the factory specifications. If spare parts are no longer available, we will make them individually to measure by hand.

Original ignition curve adjustment

The overhauled ignition distributor is tested on our ignition distributor test bench. Adjustments are made to the weights and/or springs of the centrifugal adjustment until it operates within the factory specifications. The ignition contacts are machined to ensure the correct closing angle in all load and speed ranges. The test results are recorded on an original test report and enclosed with the unit. The reconditioned distributor is supplied ready for installation and can be used immediately.

All ignition distributors are measured and adjusted on our in-house test bench. 

  • Fixed price diagnosis € 89,99

    An individual appraisal is necessary for a repair, here we check the distributor and prepare an individual offer for the refurbishment. The amount will be credited when the order is placed. Incl. free DPD label.

  • Ignition distributor service €199,99

    During a service, we check all the components listed below and adjust the breaker contacts or the AirGap according to the factory specifications. The following is checked Mechanical centrifugal adjustment - Vacuum-controlled adjustment - Bearings and shafts Additional test for breaker contacts - Breaker contacts - Breaker tension spring - Capacitor - Closing angle / Airgap

  • Restoration true to the original

    A great deal of attention to detail is required for a comprehensive repair. Each distributor requires individual attention, so a price and quotation can only be provided after an assessment.

There are additional shipping costs for the return,
if the mailing list was submitted by post. As a rule, these are €7.49.

All prices incl. VAT.