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Ignition curve optimization

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Increase performance, optimize consumption

The ignition curve is crucial for perfect combustion.

This is generated in the ignition distributor by centrifugal weights and springs. The adjustment can be adapted by replacing the springs and thus optimized for the engine. This process is almost always necessary if conversion and optimization work has been carried out on the engine. Only then will it deliver the desired power. If the ignition curve is not correct, a stuttering engine, less power, increased fuel consumption or an audible misfiring of cylinders are an indication of faults in the ignition distributor.

We optimize the ignition timing by replacing the springs

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After checking the incoming goods, our master technicians will contact you within 2-3 working days with the diagnosis of your ignition distributor and an offer for any repair measures.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, a measurement must be carried out so that the responsible master craftsman can draw up a cost estimate. A fee of €79.99* plus return shipping costs is payable for this measurement. If an order is placed, the measurement will be credited and is therefore free of charge.

There is no general answer to this question. It depends on the condition of the distributor and the extent of the modifications. Ignition curve optimizations can range from €400 incl. tax to €750 incl. tax. Depending on rarity, complexity and required spare parts. You will receive a cost estimate and can work with our team to find the best option for you. The fixed price survey will be credited when the order is placed.

Optimization usually takes between 2-5 working days after approval by the customer (cost estimate). Depending on availability and capacity utilization.

If you have a desired map (e.g. Oettinger, Irmscher, etc.), please enclose a printed copy with the distribution list. Alternatively, the responsible master mechanic can compile a map for you from our collection and empirical values. For this, we require extensive data on the engine and vehicle after the initial measurement.

We have the right parts

Here you can see the optimized ignition curve for an American big block eight-cylinder engine from the 1960s.

The result: more power and better fuel consumption.

Our stock includes a large collection of originals and reproduced centrifugal springs. This enables us to create the perfect ignition curve for the engine and application from the combination.

We test the ignition distributor on one of our line test benches up to 8,000 rpm and ensure that it runs perfectly.

We leave nothing to chance; in historic rally motorsport, the right ignition curve can make the difference between victory and defeat.

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