Radspieler Classic GmbH

U.S. classic car engine reconditioning

Repair of historic engines

They accompany your engine project from disassembly, through construction to break-in and are always up to date. 

All of our engines are ground and built to the highest standards. Every engine is run in and tuned on our in-house test bench.

All dimensions, tolerances and specifications are summarized in an engine build sheet for later modification and for clarity. 

In addition to the mechanics , we also focus on originality in the paintwork and deliver our engines in the factory paint of the American manufacturers.

Oldtimer Motoren Portfolio:

  • Buick Nailhead Serie
  • Chrysler | Mopar Small- & Big Block
  • Ford 289/302/347
  • Pontiac 389

We offer the following services in-house or together with our partner:

  • Immersion bath cleaning (ultrasound)
  • Material testing
  • Measurement of cylinder block, crankshaft and camshaft, pistons
  • Grinding, polishing and nitriding of crankshafts
  • Grinding cylinders
  • Reconditioning of cylinder heads (valve guides, valve seats, covers)
  • Set piston (shrink fit)
  • Complete assembly and break-in on the engine test stand
  • Tuning work for carburetor systems and ignition

An excerpt from our work

Buick 401 Nailhead

An emergency, because we were able to rescue this 401 Nailhead shortly before certain engine death and completely overhaul it with a lot of love. The block was ground to oversize, the cylinder heads reworked and the crank drive renewed. A true-to-original 4bbl conversion to the Edelbrock AVS2 completes this rebuild.

Plymouth 318 Poly

Known from Chrome&Flames, the 318cui Plymouth Poly engine was completely worn out, frost plugs cracked and incredibly coked up. Not only did we completely rebuild it with custom pistons and a camshaft ground especially for us, we also increased its performance.

Pontiac 389

58 years of wear and tear have taken their toll on this engine. A complete overhaul was necessary. The crank drive, cylinder heads and add-on parts had to be completely overhauled. Today, the block is ready for at least another 58 years of service and enjoyment in the classic Pontiac GrandPrix.

Chrysler 440

The 1968 Chrysler BigBlock engine was completely overhauled and completed with an original SixPack (3x 2bbl carburetor) setup. The Chrysler 906 cylinder heads were completely overhauled, a strong Comp Cams camshaft and new crank drive provide outstanding performance with driving dynamics.

We go to great lengths and work with original manufacturer manuals, some of which are over 100 years old. We are often faced with the challenge of having to manufacture certain spare parts ourselves because they are no longer available. A detailed repair requires a certain lead time. 

We have a waiting list for inquiries and will be happy to discuss the exact timing in person.

Dynamometer | Engine Dyno

Type: Schenck D-700 with X-act control unit | test cell

A modern and digital test bench is currently being built at the Dillingen site. With a capacity of 950 hp and up to 3,000 Nm of torque, we can run in and tune all engines built in-house.

All our engines come ready to install, i.e. the so-called break-in has been carried out on the test bench to achieve the best possible result. In addition, performance tuning and optimization can be carried out.

Please contact us for details.

Frequently asked questions

Unser Portfolio umfasst folgende Motoren Typen:

  • Buick Nailhead
  • Chrysler Small- und Big Block
  • Ford 289/302/347
  • Pontiac 389


Abweichende Muster bitten wir Sie separat anzufragen. Moderne Motoren, Diesel und Yountimer sind nicht teil unseres Leistungsspektrums.

There is no general answer to this question. We completely dismantle the engine, measure it and can then estimate the costs. The performance is often optimized at the same time, e.g. with aluminium cylinder heads, which has an individual effect on the calculation.

Depending on the engine type, condition and scope of the work (delivery times for parts), a repair can take between 3 months and 2 years. It is important to know that the lead time is largely dependent on the availability of parts and the current capacity utilization of our workshop.

All our engines undergo the critical break-in phase on our in-house test bench. Running-in in the vehicle is no longer necessary.

All our engines run with our Super50 engine oil. As these are mostly flat-tappet camshafts, the oil must contain at least 1,200ppm ZDDP (zinc, phosphates).

We deliberately avoid the use of sealants such as silicone during repairs. We would like to point out that all gaskets are also replaced in the course of engine construction and overhaul, but it may still not be possible to completely seal components as the materials available and applications do not meet current industry standards. For this reason, we exclude the guarantee of complete tightness in the area of the crankshaft, front cover, oil pan, valve cover and other areas sealed with graphite or cork.

We deliver engines painted in the factory color with U.S. American enamel paint. During the running-in phase, the paint also undergoes the so-called burn-in process at our premises. Depending on the condition and age of the block, in combination with oils and solvents, it may not be consistent and durable in some cases. Discoloration due to exhaust gas temperatures is normal (e.g. heat crossover on intake spiders).

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