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Automatic transmission repair

Maßarbeit und Meisterkunst für Oldtimer U.S. Automatik Getriebe

Our overhauls meet or exceed factory specifications for automatic transmissions, and we attach great importance to originality and professional repair. Our implementation corresponds to the original factory and instruction manuals. Optional pick-up and delivery service within the EU.


Buick | Dynaflow

Chrysler | 727 & 904

Ford | C4 & C6

GM | Hydramatic and Roto-Hydramatic (Slim Jim)

Repair & improvement

We completely dismantle the automatic transmission to be overhauled for chemical cleaning in an ultrasonic and high-temperature bath. After cleaning, all wear parts are thoroughly overhauled and shafts and drums are polished. We attach great importance to high-quality spare parts.

A repair includes the replacement/refurbishment of the following parts:

  • Wear parts
  • Brake bands
  • Common bearing shells
  • Shaft seals
  • Rubber and paper seals
  • Clutch plates and steel disks
  • Polishing the shafts and drum
  • Photo documentation

Optionally, reinforced components can be installed for high-performance applications and/or a shift kit for improved shifting.  

Our team of master craftsmen will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Automatic transmission repair from € 2.799

    Complete overhaul according to factory specifications. Replacement of all wear parts, rubber and paper seals, shaft seals and clutch plates as well as brake bands and bearing brackets.

  • Performance upgrade or shift kit on request

    Optionally, reinforced components can be installed for high-performance applications and/or ShiftKits, which shorten switching times and improve switching operations.

  • Shipping (pick-up & delivery service) from 135€

    We collect and deliver on pallets within the EU.

All prices incl. VAT.

Frequently asked questions

Folgende Getriebetypen werden im Hause überholt:

  • Ford C4, C6
  • Buick Dynaflow
  • Chrysler 727, 904
  • GM Roto-Hydramatic, Hydramatic

This depends on the transmission type and the parts required. Ford and Chrysler transmissions have a significantly shorter lead time than Buick and Pontiac. This is significantly influenced by parts availability and delivery time.

Please note that our quotations only include the overhaul kits and standard work. As soon as the gearbox has been dismantled and a detailed inventory has been carried out, we can assess whether parts outside the normal kit are required. These costs, including the relevant work, will be charged separately.

An ATF of type A is specified for all automatic transmissions (except Ford) that are overhauled in our company. We offer the product SuperATF in our in-house online store, which meets these specifications. Ford automatic transmissions require type F.

  • Buick: SuperATF
  • Chrysler: SuperATF
  • Ford: ATF Type F
  • Pontiac: SuperATF


Please note that using the wrong gear oil can damage the gearbox. It is essential to ensure that the correct specifications are used.

We deliberately avoid the use of sealants such as silicone during repairs. Sometimes leaks can occur after a period of driving (hot/cold expansion). We therefore recommend installation by a specialist company, which can carry out a test drive on site to check if necessary.

As a rule, we supply gearboxes with an American enamel protective coating for gray cast iron. Depending on the condition and age of the gearbox, it may not be consistent and durable in combination with oils and solvents.